Repurposed Vintage Door

I have had this door for almost a month trying to decide how I wanted to incorporate it into my home. After about eight different ideas, I decided to get more creative with a DIY project that would become a focal point of my entry way. I had my lovely dad help me put this one together; many thanks to him! Also my mom helped a bunch too! I’m lucky.

I can’t stress enough how amazing Craigslist is for people needing to find cheap options for their first place. I bought this door from a lady for $10 off of Craigslist. It is all about the waiting game on Craigslist and making sure you are quick to respond to the great deals. My boyfriend got me hooked on “craigslisting”; it is like the new-age thrift shopping from the comfort of your home in your pajamas.


Supplies Needed:
Door with glass panels
Elmer’s Liquid Glue
Food Coloring (whatever color you would prefer)

I saw the seaglass idea on pinterest. I didn’t know how I wanted to use the idea until I found the perfect door on craigslist. Seaglass makes so much sense for my beach chic theme!

Steps to your Repurposed Vintage Door
1. Clean off your door. I used windex for the entire door, but I am sure soap and water would work too!
2. I chose to take off the door hinges by unscrewing them, because they were rusted and tetanus-y.
3. Find the studs with a stud-finder.
4. Install the anchors into the studs on the wall at your desired height. We chose to measure down from the ceiling about a foot down, because the door will be slightly higher than the anchor placement.
5. Then you measure on the door the placement for the hangers to match up with the anchors you installed on the wall.
6. I then made the windows have a seaglass tint to them by adding 1/2 cup elmer’s glue, 1.5 cups water, and about 4 drops of teal food coloring. I thoroughly mixed it all together.
7. I painted it with a large paintbrush in a lattice pattern. Any pattern works, but I didn’t want it to be uniform. I wanted a more shabby-beach chic look.
8. I left this to dry over night, which is why I am a day late on posting this, and then it dried a lot more clear and seaglass like by the morning.
9. I then had my dad help me hang the door on the wall this morning and we attached the hooks to the door with a drill. I measured them so that they were in the middle of each window pane.
10. I added an octopus hook centered in the window pane on the right side of the door for an extra pop of color to hang my keys when I get home! I absolutely love it, however it did cost 11 dollars, which is more than the door itself. That part is completely optional though 🙂
11. I then put my purse, a scarf, Halo’s leash, and two jackets just to show the different items that the new piece could hold! I absolutely love this and it becomes a conversation piece when people walk into my apartment.

Door Hanging Construction Pictures:

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Seaglass Pictures:

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This door was more expensive than my other projects, but it could easily be made for a lot cheaper if you didn’t add the octopus and didn’t care to stain the glass.

I am really, really happy with the outcome. It’s an adorable accent to my apartment!


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